New version of the Zatkało Kakało Store: Handmade Interior Accessories
This project is proof that Zatkało Kakało is more than a store, Handmade Interior Accessories - a place where passion for handicraft and love for beauty create unique value for every interior.

Project description

When designing the new version of the Zatkało Kakało online store, I focused on creating a space that not only presents unique handicrafts, but also emphasizes the individuality of each element. The website is a testament to how modern solutions can support local crafts and offer products that turn ordinary interiors into spaces full of charisma and personality.

Introducing the aesthetic appearance of the website was crucial to reflect the luxurious nature of Zatkało Kakało products. Thoughtful visual compositions and intuitive navigation ensure that each visitor can easily discover unique additions that are a perfect reflection of their taste and lifestyle.

Online store functionalities, such as a blog, newsletter or contact form, are not only practical, but also build a community around the brand. The blog offers inspiration and advice on how to create unique arrangements using small accessories, and the newsletter allows you to constantly follow new products and exclusive offers. The contact form provides a direct line of communication between customers and creators, which strengthens brand trust.

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Customer Feedback
It was with great pleasure that I once again had the opportunity to work with my brother, Kamil, on a new website. Kamil, as always, exceeded my expectations, creating a website that is not only better than the previous one, but also fresh, aesthetic and perfectly reflecting the spirit of my craft. With great care, he introduced functionalities that are crucial for my clients - blog, newsletter and store. Kamil once again proved that he is not only a talented designer, but also a person who approaches implementation with great empathy and understanding. I wholeheartedly recommend cooperation with Kamil to anyone who wants their website to be not only visually attractive, but also functional and consistent with the nature of their business.
Aneta Kuchnio

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