ReVital – visual identification of the office
As part of the implementation, a minimalist logo, business cards for printing with UV varnish, a signboard, a poster, a company folder and a website were designed.

Project description

I had the opportunity to design a full visual identity for the ReVital rehabilitation and diet therapy office. The main goal of the project was to create a coherent image of the company that would be easily recognizable to patients and customers. As part of the project, I created a minimalist logo. In addition, as part of the visual identification of the office, I created business cards, a signboard, a poster and company folders. Each element has been designed in accordance with minimalism and a consistent graphic style, which allows for easy recognition of the brand among the competition.

A website has also been created for ReVital.

Logo, business cards, poster, signboard, briefcase

For print, For the web

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