Sand of Eden – the logo of the massage parlor
I am pleased to describe one of my recent projects, namely the design of the logo, business cards and signboard for Piasek Edenu - Relaxation Massage Cabinet. As part of the project, I created an image that perfectly reflects the characteristics of the company and its services.

Project description

The logo of the massage parlor has been designed in an oriental style, referring to the culture of the Far East, where massages are one of the basic elements of care for health and relaxation. In the logo, I used the golden color, which symbolizes wealth and elegance, and green, which is associated with nature and harmony.
Business cards for the massage parlor have been designed in such a way as to be elegant and professional, while reflecting the company’s oriental style. I used gold and green in them, and in the foreground we placed the logo of the massage parlor. The whole has been supplemented with contact information and a description of the services offered.

Logo, business cards, signboard

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