Danuta Awolusi Copywriter’s shop
I would like to present the implementation of the project, which is the copywriter's online store for the writer Danuta Awolusi. The copywriter's shop allows you to easily order texts with a certain number of characters and infographics created by a specialist in the field of copywriting.

Project description

Copywriter’s shop for Danuta Awolusi has been designed in a minimalist, but modern way, which allows for easy use by users and to increase sales of its services. This store consists of several subpages, where you can find detailed information about the services offered by Danuta Awolusi and how to order texts and infographics.

Thanks to the use of modern technological solutions and placing content on the website in an interesting and accessible way, I was able to create a copywriter’s shop for Danuta Awolusi, which attracts the attention of potential customers and encourages them to use her services.

Online shop

WordPress | HTML | CSS

Other features :
Responsiveness, Online Payments

Website address:

Customer Feedback
“I appreciate Kamil for many things. He is creative, nothing is impossible for him, he always fights for quality and has great patience with projects. He is an aesthete, graphic designer, draftsman, artist. With Kamil, everything must be perfectly composed, and the results are always excellent. I am proud of the website he prepared for me. It is exactly what I dreamed of. I recommend!"
Danuta Awolusi

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